Franwood Custom Guitars - Telecaster
franwood custom guitars

Craftsmanship and passion for wood

Franwood guitars is a small workshop located in Asturias where electric guitars and basses are built by hand. Each instrument is built from the selection of the wood until you put your hands on it. 

I believe that each guitar or bass has to be unique, and with that idea I build each instrument, with artisanal processes and manual machines, seeking to make each instrument special.

Love for guitars

An Inspiring Beginning

Franwood guitars was born from the love of guitars, and from one of my passions, which is discovering and knowing how things work, and after years of learning about guitar adjustments, adjusting hundreds of them, I began to assemble guitars in pieces.

On December 21, 2013, I began the construction of the first guitar, with a piece of chestnut from the bar of an old bar (at least 100 years old contemplates that bar counter). 

From there, I knew there was no turning back.

Franwood Custom Guitars - Telecaster
Franwood Custom Guitars - Telecaster
Asturian wood

Native and Sustainable Materials

At Franwood guitars, I want to build different guitars, but maintaining the essence of the historical Rock guitars, and one of my principles is to work whenever possible with native woods, thus, I use chestnut, walnut, eucalyptus, ash, maple... all woods that abound in Asturias. 

I cut, select and dry my own wood, and I search old sawmills in the area for the best woods that can be found, for the construction of my guitars.

Custom projects

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