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Custom Projects

At Franwood Custom Guitars, every project is a new opportunity to create something unique and special. We work closely with our clients to design and build instruments that reflect their style and personality.

Franwood Custom Guitars
Antique Chestnut Electric Guitar


  • Description: An electric guitar made of chestnut wood that is more than 100 years old, rescued from an old bar counter. This instrument combines history and craftsmanship to deliver a unique sound and look.
  • Details: Chestnut body, maple neck, custom pickups.
Walnut and Mahogany Electric Bass

Electric bass

  • Description: An electric bass that mixes the rich tonality of walnut with the depth of mahogany, providing a robust and resonant sound ideal for any musical style.
  • Details: Walnut and mahogany body, maple neck, high quality hardware.
Classical Eucalyptus Guitar


  • Description: This classical guitar is made from local eucalyptus, offering warm resonance and elegant aesthetics. Perfect for lovers of traditional instruments with a unique touch.
  • Details: Eucalyptus body, walnut neck, natural finish.
Franwood Custom Guitars - Telecaster
Franwood Custom Guitars - Telecaster
Franwood Custom Guitars - Electric Bass
Franwood Custom Guitars - Telecaster

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