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Inspiration and Custom Design

Artisanal Construction

My construction philosophy is that of handmade guitars, for this we follow a construction process that is as artisanal as possible.

The first thing is the design phase, which for stock guitars, is a natural process, which really arises at any time, I don't usually plan stock guitars, but inspiration usually comes from anywhere. 

For guitars made to order, the design phase is a work closely with the guitarist, where he has a more or less clear idea, and with my help we try to translate it into a constructive project that can be carried out from the idea of handmade guitar, which does not mean that we do not take advantage of technical advances.

The search for the perfect piece

Wood selection

Once the design phase is finished, we begin with perhaps the most important part of the construction process, which is the selection of wood. 

I look for the most appropriate parts for the project, and if I don't have them, I go to our usual suppliers, in whom I have complete confidence and their total commitment. 

Normally, for my guitars, I like to use native woods, mainly walnut and chestnut for the bodies, but of course, we also use the traditional woods of the electric guitar: ash, alder, mahogany, American maple. 

For the necks I try to use totally reliable woods, even if they are not native, such as walnut, maple and mahogany. The selection of woods is, in reality, a search for the most suitable piece to obtain the sound, structural stability, playability and beauty of the guitar.

The key

The selection of woods is essential to achieve the sound, stability and beauty of each guitar

Care and Detail at Every Stage

Hardware Selection

Once the wood is selected, the top quality hardware is selected that suits what we want to achieve. 

In my guitars I like to use pickups that, as far as possible, respect the brand's philosophy, that's why I like to have nearby pickup suppliers who work with my same idea, and of course, always with the highest quality. 

From there, in a very artisanal way with the help of manual machines, and without haste but conscientiously, putting all the necessary care and affection into each process, my guitars are born.


We select top quality hardware to guarantee the best sound


Each guitar is created with meticulousness and love, combining artisanal techniques.

Do you need adjustments or repairs?

Consult our luthier service to keep your guitar in perfect condition.

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