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Adjustment, repair and customization

In addition to building electric guitars and basses, we offer a complete tuning, repair and customization service for a wide variety of musical instruments, including electric, acoustic, classical and Spanish guitars and basses.

Franwood Custom Guitars - Telecaster
Why choose us

Leave your instrument in our hands

Franwood Custom Guitars - Electric Guitar


With years of experience building and tuning guitars and basses, we offer a genuine passion for musical instruments.


We work closely with you to ensure your instrument is tailored to your specific needs.


We use only the best materials and components for our repairs and adjustments.

Attention and speed

For simple adjustments and part replacements, we guarantee delivery times of one week.

Let's talk

Personalized Consultation

We are here to help you with any modification or repair your instrument needs. 

Do not hesitate to contact us to evaluate the feasibility and budget of your project. We'll offer you expert guidance to ensure you get the best performance from your instrument.

Franwood Custom Guitars - Telecaster

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